Spring Hound Show in Silverado, CA

Another fun weekend is behind us. For the last 4 years, it has been our Blue Fairy tradition for to participate in the Western Hound Association dog show held mid-April in Silverado, CA. It is not only a gathering of all SoCal Otterhounds but also our chance to see Mamba & Leeloo’s littermate Maggie and her humans.

This year, we had an amazing collection of hounds. We had the regulars: Shuffles – the only Champion female, Champion males Walter, Barley, Cubbie (shown as a Veteran) and our boy Ozzy, newcomer, eager to show his talents. Joseph and Bella represented class dogs. In addition, we had ring side spectators: Maggie, Boo and puppies Gabel and Phoebe. Eleven Otterhounds in attendance. Very cool!

Ozzy and Bella were entered in the show and we also decided to introduce Phoebe to the show atmosphere. We were curious how she would handle the volume of people and dogs. No surprise: she did great. The beginnings were tough and our puppy was a little overwhelmed with sents and sounds. By Sunday, Phoebe conquered her fears: the tail was up and wagging. She made new friends too! Her charming personality was a big hit with people of all ages. Breed ambassador in training πŸ˜‰

Maggie looked great and was happy to see us. Her body language and enthusiasm were unmistakable: she recognized us.. again! Impressive, considering she left the Blue Fairy nest more than 5 years ago. Happy times when Blue Fairy Hounds get together!

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