Teeth Cleaning

Dogs get a buildup of plaque on their teeth over time and keeping teeth clean is important. We beleive in a balanced approach: keep it simple for us and entertaining for the dogs. What a concept πŸ˜‰

Our dogs get chewies and raw bones on a regular basis to keep their teeth in good shape and plaque-free. It has been working for us very well! Mamba and Leeloo have healthy white teeth at almost 5 years old! And their kids: Ozzy & Bella mostly enjoy the treats.. well their teeth are just getting started πŸ˜‰

Starr had her teeth cleaned one time at 3 years old via Gentle Dental network (Gentle Dental for Pets). It was important to us to find an alternative to dental services offered by our vet that involved anesthesia. We were not sure if ‘no anesthesia’ approach would work with our Starr – we expected growling, barking and an abrupt end to the procedure. Instead, we got a happy girl with pearly white teeth after about a 30 minutes with the dental tech. Needless to say, the cost was significantly less (<$100) then what the vet quoted (>$500).

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