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Otterhound Puppies 2016 – Get Ready!!

Blue Fairy Otterhounds, the AKC Breeder of Merit, is getting ready for more Otterhound puppies! Our next litter is planned for March 2016. Visit page "Next Litter" under Puppy Patch tab for the most recent updates and puppy news.

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Spring Hound Show in Silverado, CA

Another fun weekend is behind us. For the last 4 years, it has been our Blue Fairy tradition for to participate in the Western Hound Association dog show held mid-April in Silverado, CA. It is not only a gathering of all SoCal Otterhounds but also our chance to see Mamba & Leeloo’s littermate Maggie and her humans. This year, we had an amazing collection of hounds. We had the regulars: Shuffles – the only Champion female, Champion males Walter, Barley, Cubbie (shown as a Veteran) and our boy Ozzy, newcomer, eager to show his talents. Joseph and Bella...

Weekend with Addie

First weekend in April was fun! Bella’s sister Addie was staying with us for a weekend while her owners was enjoying ‘human vacation’. We offer all our puppy owners an option to place the dogs with us while they travel. Our house is a much better option than any kennel or a boarding facility! We love the opportunity to re-bond with the dogs and our pack benefits from an additional playmate. The introduction of littermates after they’ve been apart is noisy: a combination of growls, barks and overall commotion. I guess they are saying to each other “Where have YOU...